E-Rate Process Timeline

FCC Form 470 -
Description of Services Needed


Generally filed September through December (though may be filed as early as July 1st); form must be filed online and posted for 28 calendar days


Posting and Contract Negotiation Period/Competitive Bidding


By FCC rule, this period must be 28 calendar days at a minimum; bids from vendors are received for service and must be evaluated by the applicant at the close of the 28 day posting period


FCC Form 471 –
Services Ordered


May be filed after 28 day posting period; must be filed in the FCC established filing window (typically early December through mid- March); any Form 471 filed outside of the window will not be considered for funding


Program Integrity Assurance (PIA)


An extensive review and validation of the submitted E-rate application; once contacted by PIA, an applicant has 15 calendar days to respond


Funding Commitment Decision


Funding Commitment Decision Letter is issued by the SLD upon successful review of the application; one letter per Form 471 is issued


Form 486 -
Receipt of Services


Must be filed within 120 days of July 1st or the date on your funding commitment letter, whichever is later; this form verifies the existence of a valid technology plan (if necessary) and compliance with The Children’s Internet Protection Act


Discount or Reimbursement Calculation


Applicant may choose to receive the E-rate discount on the monthly service bill or receive a lump sum reimbursement payment


Form 472 -
Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement (BEAR)


Applicants choosing to receive a lump sum reimbursement payment must complete a BEAR form to receive payment; form may be completed monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually after service is received and paid for