Annual E-rate Documentation Checklist

(E-rate Documentation Must Be Kept 5 Years From Last Date of Service)
Feel free to fill out this checklist for yourself. You can print this page to include your selections.

Pre-Form 470
  Letter of Agency (LOA) & Contract with Consultant, if any
  Current approved technology plan (or draft of new plan)
  Proof that Technology Plan was written before Form 470 is filed
  Any amendments to Technology Plans
Form 470 & Competitive Bidding Process
  Form 470
  Form 470 Receipt Acknowledgement Letter
  Request for Proposals (RFPs), if any
  Correspondence with vendors during bidding process
  All proposals from vendors (winning and losing)
  Bid evaluation scoring matrix (or memo to file indicating no bids received)
  Correspondence with vendors during contract negotiation process
  Signed/dated contract
  Minutes of School Board meeting where contract was discussed and approved, if required by school policy.
Form 471 & Post Commitment
  Form 471 and Item 21 attachment
  Form 471 Receipt Acknowledgment Letter
  Documentation to support NSLP data (enrollment and NSLP)
  District technology/communications budget
  PIA Correspondence (request from PIA and applicant answers, with supporting documentation)
Form 486
  Form 486 Receipt Acknowledgement Letter
  Final technology plan
  Technology plan Approval Letter (dated on or before July 1)
  Proof of Internet Filtering measures/CIPA compliance (see below)
Form 472 BEARs (if applicable)
  Form 472 (BEAR)
  Form 472 Receipt Acknowledgement Letter
  Copies of vendor invoices used in BEAR calculations
  Spreadsheet showing BEAR calculations (with ineligible amounts)
Not eligible:

Late fees; finance charges; USF administration fees; paper statement fees; non-published number fees; directory listing and advertising fees; phones or fax lines to teachers, administrators or board members’ homes.

  Cancelled checks for each vendor invoice
  Proof of receipt of BEAR reimbursement (deposit slips, bank statements)
  Invoice deadline extension requests & approval letters (if applicable)
Post Commitment
  Service substitution letters
  SPIN change letters
  Equipment transfer letters

E-rate-funded equipment inventory referencing:
Make, Model, Serial Number, Physical location, Date installed, FRN

  Documentation related to billing disputes
Internet Filtering/Cyberbullying
  District policy regarding Internet filtering and cyberbullying education
  Copy of purchase order from Internet filter purchase
  Internet filtering logs (create district policy indicating length of time logs will be kept)
  Method of educating students on cyberbulling (posters, curriculum, etc)
  Proof of cyberbullying education measures
  Proof of professional development of technology use
  Record Retention Policy (5 years for E-rate)
  Procurement Policy(ies)
  Proof that person signing E-rate forms has authority to do so
  If receiving discounted bills, proof of payment of non-discounted share to vendor
  Network diagram
  Packing slips and records to confirm date of receipt of E-rate equipment
  Copies of all vendor invoices for E-rate services/products